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Embracing Different Perspectives

Embracing Different Perspectives

I'm reading a book right now called Dyslexia: An Explanation.  

I read a passage last night that quite literally changed my life.

One of the great challenges of dyslexia is a difficulty in putting events into sequence.  This quite frequently causes challenges for the dyslexic child when understanding the cause and effect and order of events in personal interactions.  e.g. Did the dyslexic child lose her temper as a result of what was said or was something said as a result of the dyslexic child losing her temper.  Often when replaying events it will sound as though the dyslexic child is lying. 

It has given me such pause as I sift back through memories of conversations with Sam and replay Sam's account of situations that have happened at school and at the way that I try and parent and coach my children how to navigate situations.  

It's given me pause because, without awareness of Sam's perspective, I can only coach and parent and help navigate from my own experience and when my very logical brain is not challenged by the time sequence and order of events I am as useless to him as a screen door on a submarine.

So I am embracing today how I can help him see (and help myself see) that the order in which we see events unfold may not be the order in which the events unfold.