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Embracing Experiencing

Embracing Experiencing

"Mom", says Sam.  "I'm playing the guitar.  It's red.  And it's electric".

"Awesome", I say.  "Music is amazing.  Are any of your other new buddies doing it too?"

"Mom!  Our whole class is doing it.  We. Are. Starting. A. Band".

"I love it", I said.

"Did you know", he continued, "that people with dyslexic brains can be better at music than other brains".

"No", I say, "I did not know that".

"It's because", says Sam, "we are fully experiencing the music".

Now, I don't know if this is 100% true or if there is scientific validity to it, but if it feels true for Sam, then it's true for me.

It did, however, remind me of a definition of dyslexia that I read in the Gift of Dyslexia.  It was that 'Dyslexia is the result of the right brain often doing what the left brain should be, and the left brain doing what the right brain ought to.  On no consistent basis'.

Originally when I read this, my heart broke a little at the on no consistent basis.  Can you imagine living your life with not being able to rely on a consistent performance from your brain?

I can't.  

In fact trying to, made me start to twitch a little.

However, as it often happens, some reframing on my perspective by Sam, has allowed my to see this a little different.  

Can you imagine being able to bring right brained empathy to left brain logical analysis?  Can you imagine being able to bring left brain clarity and memorization to music?

How fully we could all be experiencing. 

"You might know our first song", says Sam.  "It's about people learning how to do something.  They're old now.  Like you.  Their name is the beach boys".