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Embracing the truth

"I wish I wasn't dyslexic", Sam says.

"I know", I say.

Which is such a hard thing to say.

What I want to do is shift the conversation to focusing on all the great parts of dyslexia - on his amazing imaginative and creative mind.  To his ability to think quickly in pictures and then to really dial it up and start naming all the great and interesting people who are also dyslexic.  To quickly fire up inspiring videos of Jamie Oliver coming to terms with his dyslexia and the success that he has had in life.

In short, I want to take away any pain and disappointment in this life and make it "perfect".  

Because I am his mother.  

And he is my baby.  

And although I was there at the time, I'm not entirely sure that the umbilical cord was completely severed.

But I wonder some days if Sam just needs to not have things 'fixed' and just have someone who says 'I know'.

Today I am embracing truth.  

The truth is that he is dyslexic and for the most part, lives in a non-dyslexic world.  

And today he wishes that wasn't the case.  

So today, yes Sam.  

I know.