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Where this all started

As some of you may know, and many of you might not know, we have been struggling over the past several year to figure out why school is “not working” for our Sam.

After some amazing tutoring and working with a brilliant and compassionate psychologist we have our answer.

Sam is dyslexic.

And, we have been fortunate enough that one of the schools in Canada that specializes in dyslexia and language based learning difficultieis is not only in Vancouver, but it also has space for him for September.

So, our life is great. Our life is blessed and filled with luck, good fortune and a community that supports us.

However, for the past 9 months I have been plagued with the thought of “what if that wasn’t the case?”

What if I hadn’t had a best friend who walked the path of a child with dyslexia before me?

What if another mother at our school didn’t happen to run a tutoring agency that specialized in kids with dyslexia?

What if one of the best child psychologists for kids with learning disabilities wasn’t available to me and I had to wait the estimated year and half for a school board psych-ed?

What if our lives, jobs and families weren’t able to support the financial stretch of the tutoring, testing and school that Sam needs?

And I hate the answer that I keep coming up with.

Because it looks something like Sam’s self esteem continuing to lower as he self-defines as “dumb”, him believing the substitute teacher who calls him a trouble maker, the relationship I have with him becoming strained over the battle of homework and assigned reading and more pink slips coming home to say Sam’s school work is again incomplete. And it probably ends with him hating school, forgetting that he loves learning, under-estimating his own abilities and not feeling very good about himself.

My heart breaks when I imagine that bright light being extinguished.

So while we are fortunate enough to be able to change things for Sam, the ‘what if’ was niggling at the back of my brain.

So, I took action and have had a special project that I’ve been working on this year.

I’m hoping to change ‘what if’ for as many kids as I can by starting a charity to raise funds to help school aged children with dyslexia and other language based learning differences access the resources they need to learn in a way that works for their brain.

It’s called Possible Minds.

We’re starting with a small collection of goods that will grow with other branded partners. Direct donation is available (and our charitable status for tax receipts is pending). Next will be fundraising events and a speaker series.

I hope that I can count on you to share this with as many people as you have access to and together we can start to create some real POSSIBILITY. Thank you!