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We spend some much time talking about the things that people with dyslexia can't do and the 'struggles' that they have.  And I wonder what it might be like if we all tried to live in a dyslexia world and the 'struggles' we might have.

The Top 8 Gifts of Dyslexia:

Visual thinkers versus word thinkers mean that their minds can process information 10 times faster than non-dyslexic minds.

They are highly curious

Holistic thinkers.  Meaning they see the big picture and all the moving parts without getting lost in the details.

Highly intuitive and aware of "gut feel".

Can relate to people by sensing what the other person needs to hear.

Are drawn to figuring out complexities.

Are full body thinkers.

Highly imaginative.


'When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change'.